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Fanfic Master list.

The fanfic master list, ordered oldest to newest. Unfinished stories are indicated.

Latest update: 27/06/11.
Section: X-Men: First Class.
Title: In Our Sleep As We Speak.

Harry Potter

Broken [Ron/Draco, PG]
In the midst of battle, Ron realises that his friends will stand by him no matter what... even when he's fallen for the wrong person.

One Last Breath [Ron/Hermione, PG-13]
When Ron almost loses Hermione, he decides it’s finally time to tell her everything.

In the Wake of Death [Ron/Hermione, PG]
A short tender scene between Hermione and Ron after Harry leaves the Great Hall. Missing moment from DH.

Loves Way /2 /3 [Ron/Hermione, PG-13] *Incomplete*
Following Fred’s funeral, Ron and Hermione are finally given the chance and the time to explore their newly found relationship, but is actually being together as easy as they first thought it would be?

Skins [Gen One]

Strange Bedfellows [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13]
It’s the morning after another party and Maxxie finds himself in bed with unwanted company.

The Green Fairy [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13]
Maxxie, Tony and a unique way to share a bottle of Absinthe.

Settling For Second Best /2 /3 /4 /5 [Tony/Maxxie, R]
After the inevitable happens, Tony talks Maxxie into coming to Brighton with him for a few nights, because, quite frankly, there isn’t anyone else.

The Definition of Normal /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13] Sequel to Settling For Second Best
Following Tony’s accident things are set to change, and for some, nothing will ever be the same again.

Heaven Sent [Sid/Michelle, G]
Sid has loved Michelle from the moment he set eyes on her.

Everybody Cries [Tony/Maxxie, PG]
He only visited when it rained.

Who Needs Enemies [General, PG-13]
When Maxxie’s mother is asked to housesit for their next-door neighbour, he’s put in charge of feeding her extremely overweight cat, Horace, morning, noon and night. Of course, as soon as Tony finds out that Maxxie possesses a set of keys to a very empty house for the entire week, he can’t resist taking advantage of the situation.

Heat Wave [Tony/Maxxie, R]
It’s mid-August, it’s 35°C and certain people are beginning to get a little restless.

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd [Tony/Maxxie/Chris, PG-15]
Maxxie finds his mind wandering to not so unfamiliar territory when Tony begins to show interest in his after dark activities. Two's company, three's a crowd... unless it's a Friday night and Tony's involved at least.

A Corrupted Mind [Tony/Maxxie, PG]
Some days he can’t help but imagine what it could have been like.

When the Stage Lights Go Down /2 /3 [Tony/Maxxie, Maxxie/OC, PG-13]
At 21, Maxxie has finally left Bristol behind to pursue a budding career as a dancer in the West End when an unexpected face from the past shows up and threatens to stir things up again.

Over Now [Michelle, G]
Michelle realises it’s time to get her life back.

Moving in Circles [Tony/Maxxie, G]
They always end up in the same place.

Me Too [Tony/Maxxie, PG]
Maxxie confesses his feelings to Tony, but doesn’t receive quite the reply he's expecting.

Counting Candles /2 /3 [Tony/Maxxie, Maxxie/OC, PG-13] Sequel to When the Stage Lights Go Down
In an impromptu bid to cheer Maxxie up and get him out of his slump, Rupert decides to throw him a birthday party. A mistake, as this shortly leads to an unexpected trip back home and an encounter with someone Maxxie was sure was out of his life for good.

Looking Through the Glass [Tony, Maxxie, PG]
Tony wakes up from his coma.

The First Five Times [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13]
The first fives times are a little varied.

Wanna Be a Rockstar [Tony/Michelle, Tony/Maxxie, PG-13]
What Tony wants, Tony doesn’t always get.

The Constant [Maxxie, Tony, PG-13]
They were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but for some reason, they needed each other these days.

His Medicine [Tony/Maxxie, PG/PG-13]
The remedy he needed had been right there in front of him all along.

An Important Date /The Better Offer /Forward Planning [Tony/Maxxie, Sid, PG-13]
Tony’s acting suspiciously, but Sid’s onto him.

Almost Beyond Repair [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13]
To her, he’s broken, he’s wrong, he’s not Tony anymore. To him, he just needs a helping hand.

Time After Time [Tony/Maxxie, PG-13] *Incomplete*
It’s been months, but for some reason Maxxie still seems to be the only one who really understands Tony now… maybe a little too much sometimes.

Skins [Gen Two]

Land of Make Believe [Naomi/Emily, PG-13]
"I'm Emily. I've never had a boyfriend."


To the Last Man [Connor, Becker, PG]
After a particularly wearing day, Connor and Becker unexpectedly find comfort in each other, for a little while at least.

Whoniverse [Doctor Who/Torchwood]

Fields of Gold /2 [Jack/Eleven, Amy, Rory, PG-13] In progress
When the TARDIS gets rerouted and the Doctor, Amy and Rory end up in the middle of nowhere on Earth in 2063, the Doctor soon finds they’re not the only ones. While he works to figure out what (or who) brought them there, it quickly becomes apparent that the situation is more complicated than he first thought... and the same can be said for his volatile relationship with Jack, too.

In the End [Jack/Eleven, G]
No one wants to be alone when the end comes.

X-Men: First Class

There's Always One [Alex/Hank, PG]
Five times Alex Summers loved someone, and the one time they loved him back.

In Our Sleep As We Speak [Alex/Hank, PG]
Alex has taken to using Hank as a pillow. It takes a while, but Hank begins to think it's not such a bad thing.

Real Person Fic

French Fancies [Harry Potter; Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, PG]
After the OOTP Paris premiere Rupert and Emma unwind in the hotel together, perhaps a little too much.

Tuck Your Shirt In /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15 /16 /17 [Harry Potter; Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, PG-15]
After taking Rupert shopping ready for her 18th birthday party, Emma begins to realise her interest in him isn’t purely platonic after all and has trouble getting her head around this new revelation and how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Rupert is suffering some unwanted attention from an old school friend and comes to the conclusion that Emma might very well be his saviour.

Say Goodbye /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 /13 /14 /15 /16 /17 /18 /19 /20 /21 /22 /23 /24 /25 [Harry Potter; Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, R]
For some, coming to the end means having to say goodbye. For others, the end is only just the beginning.

Bubbles [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, R]
Champagne makes Ben ask the most random of questions sometimes.

Tequila Sunrise /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 /11 /12 [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, PG-15]
Will always knew drinking was a bad idea and now he has even more of a reason to believe it. One day Ben may actually realise what he wants without the aid of alcohol, it’s just a matter of when that day will come.

Worlds Apart /2 /3 /4 [Narnia/Harry Potter; William Moseley/Rupert Grint, R] *Incomplete*
Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery and the chance to discover something new.

My Bloody Valentine /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, NC-17] *Incomplete*
Ben has done absolutely everything to keep his relationship with Will sacred and unmarred by the paparazzi, but during the promotion run for Dorian Gray he discovers that some things are more important than hiding away.

Computer Game Counterparts [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, PG-13]
Ben and Will end up stuck in the studio together while recording the voices for the Prince Caspian video game, something Ben didn’t count on to be quite so enjoyable.

Slumming It [Harry Potter; Rupert Grint/Lily Allen, R]
This was becoming like a habit, a routine… and he finally forgot how to say no to her.

You Look Great When I’m F**ked Up /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 [Harry Potter; Rupert Grint/Emma Watson, R] In progress
After a hard day filming, Rupert offers to take a battered and bruised Emma home, ending up with a little more than he bargained for when they get there. On the face of it, it all seems pretty simple, they’ve wanted each other for years, surely this is normal. But, unfortunately, he soon learns that there’s more going on than meets the eye and he's not entirely sure if he's the one Emma should be turning to.

A Friend in Need [X Factor; Lloyd Daniels/Joe McElderry, PG]
Lloyd's not so worried about the fact he'd been voted off, he's more worried about what happens next.

Another Step [X Factor; Lloyd Daniels/Joe McElderry, PG-13]
Continuation of A Friend in Need. Following his victory, Joe goes straight back to the house to pack up this things... and Lloyd decides to invite himself to help.

Midnight Waves [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, NC-17]
A phone call from an old friend late one Friday night ends up leading to an awful lot more than Ben bargained for.

Sleeping Beauty [Doctor Who; Matt Smith/Karen Gillan, G]
Matt finds that having a dead arm isn't always so bad when Karen Gillan is the reason behind it.

Tongue-Tied [Doctor Who; Matt Smith/Karen Gillan, PG]
A wrong choice of words ends in disaster... sort of.

My Missing Puzzle Piece (Summer) [Doctor Who; Matt Smith/Karen Gillan, NC-17]
Karen gets caught in the rain, Matt lends her dry clothes, and an afternoon of script reading soon turns into something else entirely.

The truth is hard to find when it’s playing tricks on your mind /2 [Narnia; Ben Barnes/Georgie Henley, R] In progress
Ben hasn’t seen Georgie for a few years, so it’s a pleasant surprise when he bumps into her at a party. What he didn’t expect, however, was to end up giving a helping hand with her love life. He takes it in his stride though and does what he can, something he soon comes to regret when he begins to see her in a different light himself.

When the Lights Begin to Fade /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 /9 /10 [Narnia; Ben Barnes/William Moseley, R]
What happens when the bright lights of fame begin to fade? What are you really left with? One minute you’re living in the lap of luxury, and the next, you’re living out of a suitcase and sleeping on your parents couch because they were certain you were never coming back. It’s time for a reality check. Sometimes slotting back into the real world is even harder than you think it’s going to be. When fame no longer comes knocking, it’s time to figure out what really matters. And it’s never what you expect.
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